Coupons from CouponChief: Easing your bugdetary pressures at expensive holidays!

Father’s Day in Taiwan is August 8th… mostly because of numerology. The sound of the two numbers in Chinese sounds like the word for ‘father’, ‘baba’. Of course, it is quite difficult to think of suitable presents for male friends. But *cough*Christmas*cough* is coming, only 141 days are left, and then it’s shopping time for almost everyone you know. So what do you buy the man in your life for father’s day, Christmas or indeed any significant day?

Well, surfing around CouponChief is like being a child in a candy store. There are so many options that you could follow: Automotive Products, Books, Magazines, Computing, Media, and Sports to just name a few highlights.

So for my father, I’d be inclined to choose CDs with Amazon Coupons or cookies from David’s. For my mother, it’d have to be books from Amazon as well as something Arty, I think. For my wife, well, she’s really into Carpentry at the moment, so I’m afraid a good selection of power tools with Home Depot Coupons would be the order of the day.

It’s silly to pass up coupons and coupon related deals just because … Only yesterday, a friend passed up a nearly $10 saving on purchasing a book, because of her impatience. So slow down, you’ve got 141 days to go, and take your time. The savings will be worth it when they are matched by a “Oh, you didn’t! You shouldn’t have”!