SiteProPlus: Webhosting + Design – in one package!

When I started my first websites, it was always a challenge to get the site up and running. My first pages were so ugly it was amazing. I hadn’t got a clue about HTML or anything like that. There was no such thing as a blog, nor PHP. At least, if there were, I didn’t know about them!
The web has grown much more sophisticated since 1997 when I was playing with Geocities, and considerably less expensive, too.

So when a site like SiteProPlus which offers to do Wesite Design for free as well as provide hosting, it is hard to stop staring at the website and wonder what madness now possesses the engineers at SiteProPlus!

Their rationale, however, is quite sane, if a little zany. The design is a kind of store loss leader for their hosting services. People are attracted by the special offer, then find themselves signing up for the hosting services at the same time.

This solution would be ideal for people who are very busy running their own business or consultancies but don’t have a big budget or time or skill to oversee the nitty gritty details of website maintenance.

I have three suggestions for this company that they should take note of:

1. Please check your spelling on the front page: how can you claim to do design when the first thing a visitor sees is “…Finally it’s easy to get a professional loonkng website design online fast”

2. Do not hide your pricing or the features that your hosting includes. Your audience may not know that much about website hosting or design, but you still need to provide basic information on the pricing and features, including space and bandwidth, and anything else that might affect a site’s operation or cost.

3. It’s quite difficult to contact anyone. I tried to let you know about the huge spelling gaffe, but there was no contact form. And when I clicked on the link that offered live help, nothing worked.

Actually, these are issues that many companies on the internet face. I wouldn’t single them out particularly except that it is easy to lose customers with these three problems.