Should I go to Affiliate East? Well, should I?

After yesterday’s ramble about Hitting the IM wall, I’m really needing a kick up the proverbial Ass.

Ever just hit the wall. That’s pretty much what I’ve been feeling the past few weeks. Perhaps I’m just burned out. I’ve been trying out the IM much more than in the past, and while I don’t particularly feel overwhelmed, I’ve had some success in getting things going.

And John Chow could be the guy to do it! Why? Because he’s hosting a competition for 10 free passes to the Affiliate East Summit in NYC in August. And I’m thinking: that would be a good thing to do for prospective affiliates, wouldn’t it?

The kicker: he’s having a Dot Com Pho – New York Style with PIZZA from New York. Now how can I say no to that?

I’ve already got my ‘in the sky’ reading list planned: books on marketing, PDFs I’ve downloaded (including John’s), all I need is the insight and the kick to get my first site working!

So wish me luck! I might win one ticket!

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