Seinfeld Reruns: George Costanza’s Wallet!

On StarWorld TV, we’re being treated to reruns of Seinfeld, a lot of which I have never seen. After publishing pictures of my wallet earlier, I was (not!) surprised to learn that George Costanza also has big wallet syndrome.


If you haven’t seen that episode, you really should. It’s hilarious. (Sorry, there’s no segment for the ‘wallet explosion’ at the end of the episode on YouTube!). Kyle MacDonald also has a great George-type wallet on his blog. It seems he left it behind with the words, “I left THIS wallet in El Segundo”. Wonder if he got it back!

Here’s one solution found by AskArora on YouTube. Enjoy his sensible advice! Of course, I’m trying to cram much more into my wallet, including a Cruzer stick, SD Cards, etc..

So how ratty is your wallet?

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