Saturday News: Keywords, EASYMODE, WordPress, and more…

We’re back after the server issues of Friday, with outage beginning at about 1pm NYT and lasted about three hours, just in time for today’s post . Sorry. Seems like a file server problem but it’s now fixed.

In the meantime, there’s been a lot about WordPress, especially security and upgrading this past week. I’ve also talked about some of the recent changes I made to navigating my way around this blog.

Here are some other recent posts this week.

In this newsletter/post…

  1. Sponsor a keyword
  2. WordPress EASYMODE
  3. WordPress: no longer just a blog
  4. A competition: Just what is it.
  5. Carnival of Making REAL Money 12th Edition

KeyWords: Sponsor a Keyword

I’m offering keyword links on a monthly basis beginning March 1st. You can advertise your website by having a text link on ANY keyword you want on the entire blog for one month. Each keyword is offered for $5 per month, and there are likely dozens, if not hundreds of instances of most words in the 200,000 words on this blog. Each word can only be sponsored once and no variations will be admitted. So be sure which word you want to sponsor.

There are only a maximum of ten keywords each month. Five of these are already taken. Are you interested in the other five?

Examples: loan or loans (if loan is taken, then loans will not be available or vice versa).

This is what they will look like and how they will look: hosting (mouseover to see the link text)

Contact me if you are interested in a particular word on the blog

In other news…


Dreamhost has introduced WordPress for idiots install that keeps the fuss to a minimum. It’s called Easy mode, and offers all the bells and whistles of WordPress but you can’t upload any themes or plugins. PERIOD. It’s a perfect way to host blogs without any of the usual problems of themes, plugins, CSS, etc.

dh-new feature

It will be perfect if you want to offer a blog to friends or family who do not have a technical background, or who do not want to waste time dealing with such things.

WordPress: not just a blog…

These days, WordPress is being made to do things it wasn’t initially envisaged to do . And with this ‘theme’, it’s doing even more.


This example is a contact form that is integrated into WordPress as a kind of contact database. It retains the functionality of entering information into posts but a contact db is installed over the top. Very imaginative. It’s fussy to install, not for the faint of heart, but it works! I’m amazed…

A competition: Just what is it.

Don’t forget to enter the competition.

Carnival of Making REAL Money 12th Edition

Now available at the new carnival’s new website.

Keep warm this very cold weekend! It’s only 9C here in Tamsui!