Salary Slaves: Are you one?

Well, to explain: I don’t want to work for money per hour, I think loretta said “wage slave. Right now, I part own my own business, but I’m too busy working at it as a teacher, that I don’t have time to create more opportunities. This is not what I had in mind as a business.

Also, I had to pass up some opportunities because I didn’t have the time or money to invest in expanding my own opportunities. So then I began to think of how to raise capital without working at a job, ie. having remuneration based on how many hours you work or a boss’ (unfortunately, some of the posters fell into the bear trap and tried to answer by saying getting a job or working more not my point, guys! but then I should have had more context.)
Do you want to have it to invest in something else œreal estate, stocks, mutual funds?

Yes, I do. I want to invest in expanding my business. Developing new business(es), perhaps real estate, too. I just don’t see much future for the stock market right now. I’d only invest there as a place of last resort, i.e. can’t find better chances.

>>>As mentioned in other posts, it would certainly be possible to save a million NT$ by living frugally over the course of a few years. If you have two incomes and no kids then this could probably be done in a year.

I agree that can be done, but sorry not my point, but thanks.

I like some of the other ideas, posted as well. Keep at it.


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