Review: U.S. Money Reserve Website and Why Gold is Still Important

By | May 18, 2012

Recent news from Greece is bad, but the price of gold has come of recent highs of $1900 per troy ounce. This perspective from Mike Marlow offers some thoughts on this issue.

In reviewing the website U.S. Money Reserve it is interesting to note that there has probably never been a more opportune time to invest in and purchase gold. It is not even an issue of if one should invest in gold anymore, but rather an issue of how much to invest and how quickly to invest in this very important storage of value medium. The ability to store and preserve wealth is indeed one of the most critical elements of gold and precious metal investing.

Federal Reserve: Hardly Reserved

In a world where the Federal Reserve has gone literally haywire, by the unconstrained printing of money with the net effect being unfettered runaway inflation. This has a direct and measurable effect on the value of money. The more the Federal Reserve prints money the less that your money is worth, it is really that simple.

In responding appropriately any investor must find protective measures to insulate their wealth from this reckless kind of policy. U.S. Money Reserve is nicely organized and is easy to navigate when buying precious metals online. The real time ticker at the top of the page offers up to the minute gold and silver prices, this is convenient with all the recent fluctuations in gold and silver prices.

Buy the Dips: Value Investing

While these fluctuations may be a little unsettling, In truth, one would be well advised to just continue to buy on the dips in price. The reason for this is basic and simple. It is understood knowledge that the price of both gold and silver has be artificially and intentionally manipulated and held at a far lower price than normal market conditions would support. This is being done in large part to mask the fact that the US dollar is rapidly decreasing in value.

In other words, if gold were allowed to rise to its true market value it would in effect reveal the true worth of the dollar. This is being prevented from happening because it would then threaten the status of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. This is relevant to the precious metal investor because having this knowledge and understanding it makes the decision to regularly invest in gold and silver a rather easy one.

True Market Value

Once the artificial manipulation of precious metals ends, and it will as a law of economics, then the true market value of gold and silver will be reveled. This value will likely be many multiples of the current market value of precious metals. Further analysis of this issue shows that to an even greater degree, silver is more rare and valuable than gold.

All that Glistens: Silver

The historic gold/silver ratio shows that silver is perhaps one of the best investments one can possibly make today. Silver is unique in that it has real and tangible industrial uses. U.S. Money Reserve is a perfect site to track and monitor the change in precious metals prices. What makes it even better is that the site makes it easy to make a gold or silver purchase.

Surival Is the Name of the Game

In the coming days, there will likely be a substantially big paradigm shift in terms of money, finance and the global economy. This shift is unavoidable and will happen according to economic law and laws of the universe in general. A faulty and nonfunctional system will always eventually cease to exist, and equilibrium will eventually return. As a wise investor, looking ahead into the future, gold and silver are not an investment strategy, but rather a survival strategy.

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