Revenue Streams: Google Adsense

I’ve blogged about Adsense in the past, and in fact, this blog has had some problems with Adsense in the past, so I placed the Adsense ads with some trepidation. Anyway, I wanted to wait until I reach several thresholds before adding the adds:

  1. my check came for previous revenue;
  2. I passed the 100K for Alexa and Technorati;
  3. I reached a 1000 visits in 30 days, not uniques.

adsenseAll of these came to pass in the last few days, so I thought I would enable Adsense again. I’ve only put them on the main pages BETWEEN posts. I’ve placed 3 sets of large size blocks and they are blended, take a look at the image.

Unfortunately, my timing wasn’t good, as the traffic dropped significantly since last week! Summer is coming and people don’t want to be indoors, I guess!

I know this placement isn’t optimal for revenues, but I didn’t want to place them right at the top or in the sidebar (too crowded already). So, we’ll see what impact it has or if I need to move them.

I respect readers may not wish to see Adsense, so if you are using FF, you can download Adsense blocking software, like AdblockPlus.

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