InvestorBlogger’s Quick Recap: Posts, links, and Carnival News

Another week is nearly over, it’s lunch time in New York City soon, and stomachs are grumbling, so I’ll fill you in on the InvestorBlogger news as you crunch through your sandwich at your desk or on your Asus Eee PC or wherever you are.

It’s been a busy week on InvestorBlogger, though the posting schedule is definitely slower than in the last part of 2007. I’ve slowed down the posting schedule, and lengthened the posts over the last few weeks as I’ve been seeking to explore in more depth the world of investing, business, blogging, and technology and the neat intersection of these four areas.

The Week’s Posts (or most of them!)

So here’s a quick recap of the posts that I’ve done this week:

Last Saturday, I started work on the new theme which I shared with readers, and I challenged them with the question – New Theme: Is it time to revitalize your blog? – in which I looked at different ways you can find a new look for your blog;

Then on Sunday, I took some lovely sunset pictures with my Lumix camera; and the weather was so mild, it was a wonderful trip!

On Monday, I declared war against Google with my ultimatum – Going to War Against Google’s Hubris: Three Actions You Can Take Today. Of course, a quick trip through the archives will show that this is a theme I’ve dwelt on before;

On Tuesday, I blogged about promotion and your blog or business in which I challenged readers not to focus too much on the nickels and dimes and this post was a challenge to write as it brought together some ideas I’d been thinking about for a while;

On Wednesday, I examined a website that was promoting e-minis as a way to trade online, and I was surprised that such a method was available;

And on Thursday, I challenged those of you with a windfall on what you should do when you strike it rich; sudden wealth syndrome can lead to some disastrous consequences, and smaller amounts seem to generate bigger problems!

Then on Friday, I wrote Adios Adsense, which was a swansong for Google as much as for Adsense. I really hope I’m wrong about Google, but it looks like the Google Machine is beginning to believe too much of its own hype.

Saturday evening’s post will look at Izea’s new RealRank and compare that with some competitors. So do check back later this weekend or subscribe to our feed! You can also check out our Carnival of Making Real Money for more great reading, as well as our wonderful archives.  This week’s carnival will be published Sunday as usual.

Do check out the newest advertisers on the blog. But most important of all, have a wonderful weekend!

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