Quick Linking: PR + Fake PR, a Scam, and WP

By | September 21, 2007

Here’s some interesting reading from around the net. Cash Quests writes about how “Google Abandons PageRank

Has Google abandoned their PageRank algorithm that so many of us use to make money online? My prediction is “Yes!”

Andrew Talk writes about a scam that is affecting non-US Residents who want to open a US bank account.

Dr. Michael Roizen Audio explores health and aging and reveals some useful tips on staying healthy. Dr. Roizen is a well-known author.

Given CashQuests claim is not true, issues of Fake Page Rank have affected one blogger. I didn’t know that Page Rank could be faked, but it can.

WordPress 2.3 is coming closer, due to be launched on Monday 24th September. It is looking like a good release, too!

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