Quick Link Roundup #2: Some good information!

Yaro Starak has a very good blog called the Internet Business Blog. There is a bunch of good stuff, I’m still reading some stuff! I’m still reading this one: Do You Want to Run Your Own Business? Read this First!

Lisa Sabin Wilson runs a great blog at JustAGirlInTheWorld. She wrote a story about how MT is going open source… I guess they’re feeling the heat from WordPress.

Where did they go from here?

explains a new plugin that can help affiliate bloggers create an Amazon type link that says “Customers who bought this item also bought” for your blog. That could be quite useful!

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Deftly dealing with duplicate content explains how Google really deals with the problem. I’ve had some success solving this, but it has had an effect on my Google Search engine traffic. I’ll be posting more later.