PPP: Adding Juice to their system

Ted Murphy, owner of Payperpost, has just emailed advertising clients with an update on the changes that segmentation in PPP has brought. Apparently, advertisers were unhappy with the increase in costs that segmentation brought them. So InvestorBlogger asks the obvious question: Are things going well in PPP-Land? Anyway, for advertisers, PPP is now offering lower cost opportunities.

The introduction of segmentation in our system has been a huge success by all accounts. Last week we added Technorati rankings and our advertisers seem to be loving it. However, we also made some consolidation in the segmentation ranges which caused some lower range rankings to increase in price. Many of our advertisers contacted us requesting some pricing adjustments on the lower end of the spectrum and I am happy to say we listened. We believe the new lower price minimums are now more fair and reflective of the market for both advertisers and bloggers. We appreciate the feedback and hope this adjustment works better for you.

It seems a lot of higher value opportunities created by advertisers are just expiring because segmentation requirements are quite stiff. Also, most bloggers don’t have blogs that meet more than 1 or 2 of the requirements of those higher value opps, at the top end. While at the lower value opportunities, some advertisers are requiring 200 or (yes!) 300 words, Alexa rankings above 1,000,000, a good tack rating and PR for opportunities that run less than $7 for the blogger. I just looked at one right now.
PPP has the tremendously difficult job of matching expectations between the two constituencies it serves: bloggers and advertisers. Both are essential to the success of PPP, so PPP has to serve as mediator in setting its requirements for both. I guess sometimes the balance will come down on one side or the other.

Is PPP working well? What are your opinions, advertisers? Comment away!