PPP: a marketplace between advertisers and bloggers?

I was following this discussion here about Payperpost.

It’s funny: I can really see things from all three sides, it kinds of frustrates me because, I’d like to say “Yeah! (PPP/Advertiser/Blogger) You’re absolutely right!” But it’s difficult to really know…

PPP is setting itself up as a marketplace of sorts. In a marketplace, somethings will get sold, quickly or slowly; somethings will just sit there; and somethings will go in a flash. It all depends on which customers are in the market at the time…!

PPP is weird, though, as it really has two kinds of customers: advertisers and us bloggers. They could so easily fall on one side or the other, but then the market would break down, much like the rallies/slides on Wall Street. PPP’s challenge is to provide an avenue for both groups to make deals. In some circumstances, this means a lot of deals will be made; in others, hardly any or even none. In a market, such things can be a little unpredictable. What you can be sure of, though, everyone is acting in their own interest. I’m just wondering how much of a market can be made, though.

If bloggers participate in such a way that brings the price down, advertisers may start flocking indeed; but what then, if it becomes a victim of its own success… too many advertisers without reviews, then the price will rise to a level that attracts enough interest from bloggers. If, though, the system is abused, and posting becomes devalued in the search engines, prices of ads will fall again, until a market is made or closed.

On my own part, I’m quite happy to provide $5 posts on some of my blogs, but once readership is up, and other sources of income start to have an impact, I’m not sure how many $5 opps I’d be prepared to do. I think it would be a case of seeing what was involved. I do think that the important part would be to maintain readership on my blog, and I’m not sure that even a 25% ratio of PPP posts to other material would necessarily be enough to keep my readers interested.

Well, we’ll see. Have you read my PPP posts? What do you think about them?