PayPerPost Review ME Program: Viral Networking Brings Benefits

How often have you read a post and thought to yourself “Mm! I’d like to respond to that point!” or “Yeah! I agree with that!” or even “Moron! How could they say that!?”

Well, now Payperpost has figured out a clever way for you to be able to do that AND get paid to do it! It was all part of the recent upgrade to Payperpost, that allowed these brilliant new features. You can already see the tag on some of my longer posts. It looks like this: . In fact, you can click on this and review this post if you like.

What are the benefits of this program?

1. It’s actually a pretty neat idea for an affiliate program as it spreads the benefits around for both the reviewer and the post writer/blog owner, too. There is a delay of about 30 days before you are paid. But you will get paid and I will, too. Neat.

2. It helps to build traffic to your blog and to mine, which is something we both need and hope to create anyway, and traffic should go both ways, to your blog, and to mine.

3. If you are lucky and you hit a post that is on a PR ranked page, you may get something of a PR boost in the next update of Google’s data. This will help to grow your audience, too. In the longterm, the additional backlinks will help to sustain your website’s PR number.

What do I blog about?

Actually, I don’t care. You can write a positive or negative review, if you like. I would prefer though that you try to keep a balanced tone, and focus on saying helpful things, things that I could actually use to improve the website, and turn you into a regular reader!

When you’re done, notify me of the link, and I’ll do a Review posting of those blogs that link to mine through this program, much as’s blog does. I think that’s a helpful way to promote your blog!

So, if you want to earn a little cash, write a review, draw some traffic, sign up for the review of one of my posts (not necessarily this one). Wishing you well on your bloggings!

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