Paypal is getting expensive: But what are the alternatives?

By | March 19, 2014

The real beef with Paypal is that fees keep going up. The typical fees are now approaching !0% by my reckoning, and my in some cases exceed 10%. Please can someone else verify this.

If you have a sale @ $100, then you have to pay 4.4%+30cents. So that is 4.7%. Now if you convert that to NTD, you will pay 2.5% exchange rate. So that’s another $2.50 gone or you pay a $5.00 fee for withdrawal to US account.

USD>NTD: $4.70*+$2.50+$1.15* for that $100 purchase or 8.35%.
USD>USD:  $4.70*+$5.00* for that $100 or 9.7%.

If you charge the price in a non-US currency, then there will be an addition 2.5% extra (usually covered by the purchaser).

Obviously you can minimize or eliminate some of the costs so the final rate may be different… but you can see why Paypal is a cashcow. Just not sure why we need to be the ‘feed’!

Is my math correct? Are there cheaper alternatives to Paypal? I’ll be checking several alternatives, just in case.

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