Open letter to PayPerPost: Goodbye and thanks for all the fish!

This is my letter to PayPerPost, resigning my blogs from their system.

Dear Payperpost,

I recently took three opps from PPP for advertisers, however, I received a letter of complaint from John who wrote:

Thanks for your post! Unfortunately, we cannot approve it at this time because it does not meet our <a href=>Terms of Service</a> in regards to Inline Ads and Links.
According to our Terms, “There are to be no third party links, ads or other detractors located within the sponsored post.” Please remove all third party links and banners from in or around the post and re-submit the post to us. Also, According to our Terms, “PayPerPost bloggers must disclose to their readers that they receive compensation from PayPerPost advertisers. Disclosure may be in the form of a site wide disclosure link on all blog pages or on a per post basis. (Unless the advertiser requires otherwise) ” Visit <a href=>Disclosure</a> for further information. Thanks! John

The reality is that I am unwilling to remove the advertisers who are currently helping me pay the approx. $1000 per year hosting bills I face. The $50 dollars in opps that I have received from PPP barely pay for one month at best… So here is my problem:

Since PPP has only offered me these four opportunities in the past FIVE months, I have no choice but to defer to my own advertisers for this. I cannot remove the advertising from the post. If you check my blog, you will see what I mean.

As such, I have decided that I will remove all of my blogs from Payperpost for the time being. I had submitted a third blog on ESL teaching with a PR3 which would have been a VERY good blog as it is my specialty. It too has been rejected. Which is okay.

While I will retain my account, it’s unlikely until nofollow becomes a reality in Social Spark or PR is dropped from PPP or hell freezes over (whichever happens first) that I will be requesting for reinclusion. Sorry.

Please cancel the remaining posts as I believe they too are in breach of TOS as it stands, and since my posts will all be nofollow by the time you read this, they will also be in breach for that reason, too. I should simply NOT have taken them. That was my fault.

I’ve really enjoyed working for Payperpost over the past two years. I think it’s time to stop. Thanks for all the fish, I mean it. I wish nothing but the best for you all at Payperpost. Really.


It’s quite sad for me in some ways, as I’ve really learned a lot about blogging and I have to thank the PayPerPost Team.

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