Old Calendars: New Pictures – Creating extra excitement in your living room

By | February 12, 2008

About two years ago, I was very lucky to find time to have a break to travel to the UK (my home country) during July and August. Despite the BA strike at the beginning of August which meant we HAD to stay over a few days extra with some good friends in Brighton, the vacation was a wonderful time to escape from running your own business.

During that time, we were using a Kodak C360 camera which helped me snap a wonderful collection of photographs. We took 13 of them and made a calendar Lulu dot com. You can view the full details of the calendar at Lulu.com. Lulu is an interesting way to make your own products.

We, of course, printed one copy (and it’s still the only copy that was printed!), in 2007. But now 2007 is past! We decided that the prints themselves were of such wonderful quality that we are going to make as many of them as possible into large frame pictures and hang them on the wall. We’ve already done two of them! The pictures are pretty big, so went to Ikea and bought several frames that were bigger than typical photoframes: the larger cost NT$479 and the smaller Ribba Frame NT$289. Not bad going!

All for $29.95 and a few hours in front of a cap! We got a lovely calendar, and now lovely photos to hang on the wall. Neat.

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