Odd Facts About this Blog

StumbleUpon.com just sent me a bunch of traffic! I’d forgotten that I’d even registered with them! That’s over 200 individual readers! So, if you came by StumbleUpon.com, then welcome… take a few minutes and read around this blog!

The top browser for this blog is Firefox with nearly 68% of the traffic.

1. Firefox 68.76%
2. IE 25.64%
3. Safari 3.63%
4. Opera 1.18%

Those are the top 4 browsers! Non-IE browsers account for almost 3 times the IE browsers, which is great! Most of the FF browsers were on Windows, though all three primary platforms were represented. No other browser seemed to have such a performance.

About 20% of the traffic is from Search Engines, while nearly 61% is from referring sites. So, if you are struggling, get linking!

The top five articles this past month are

If you haven’t read these, then check them out. Leave a comment, and let us know what you think!

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