November’s Income on InvestorBlogger

With November safely out of the way, it’s time to post my results in the last 30 days. Let’s deal with traffic first, then money. But first, …

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Page Rank, Alexa and Real Rank.

Well, it’s now time to report that my PR rank finally fell to zero. A big fat zero . At the time, I was surprised by the situation, and somewhat angry, esp. since Google was dictating what we could and couldn’t put on our blogs, and how we could monetize them. Naturally, this still irks when you realize that Google is themselves guilty of breaking their own guidelines.

Oddly, things haven’t been so bad: Traffic to the blog has increased significantly in the last month , despite having zero ranking.

november stats

Last Month’s PageViews were only 2800 with about 1300 Uniques. This month’s both of these figures jumped noticeably by about 50% thanks to be being Stumbled, increased links in, and better rankings on Technorati (about 58K) and Alexa (about 132K). In fact, with extra work on inbound links from Carnivals, Friends, and commenting on different blogs. I’ve also had a couple of purchased links on JohnCow ‘s blog and on

Payperpost’s new Ranking has been introduced and that has created some buzz: though there are no external ways to verify my ranking yet, it’s generally been between 500-800. I’m still not sure exactly what tier that puts InvestorBlogger!

Show me the money!

Financial results are posted below:

Payperpost: $0.00
Google : $6.35
Other : $225.00
Adlinks : $84.75
Stocks: $75.50
Hosting : $123.08
Bank A/C Interest : $26.18
Amazon: $9.99 (last five months)
Other Incomes: $0.53
Total: $551.38*

On the upside, I’ve been able to sell links directly through the blog this month, which has kept the blog going. I’ve already done the buzzes for these links for Netloans and CarFinance. Additionally, one of my clients recently paid for their hosting on my spanking new Dreamhost PS. That rocks! I’ll be introducing them as well as a way to make money. And Steve and I dreamed up a challenege, which I’ll share this weekend.

On the downside, I haven’t scored any opportunities for reviews in the past month onPayperpost, Sponsored Reviews, or ReviewMe. This is likely due to my PR being reduced to zero, and RealRank not being a factor for advertisers yet. I’ve always felt that creating extra income from a number of sources (in fact, as many as possible) was a good idea to offset in any temporary or permanent glitches. If I were just relying on Adsense, I think I’d just have about $10.00 in income which would be pretty pathetic. I’m still pretty far off my total of $1500 per month in income. But I’m still learning the ropes!

Expenses: Expenses

Blogging is getting expensive for me, in a number of ways; and running a small hosting service also costs money. Additionally, there are fees for Paypal, Advertising, etc.. From 1/1/2008, I’m going to be tracking these costs much more accurately to present a balanced picture of the costs I’m facing. Suffice to say, my hosting is costing about $40.00 per month, and as the popularity of the bloggers using the hosting service increases, this is going to increase. Fortunately with Dreamhost PS hosting, increasing the ‘power’ of the server is a relatively easy thing to do.

*Subject to revisions.

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