Not your typical Costco – or is it?

Costco TaiwanA surefire way for me to break the monthly budget is to go to Costco! Taiwan is now blessed (or cursed) with five branches, including a newly opened one in TaiChung County.

I’ve been a member for a few years now, and an advocate since I discovered their hotdogs a few years earlier! Of course, having a car makes shopping there much easier, and more expensive.

Today, somehow we managed to drop nearly NT$5500 on stuff for the home and the business. Such necessities included 12 bagels, 24 tubes of glue, several books, 2 picture frames (for my old calendar), 2 large bags of Coffee (unavailable at such good prices anywhere else), gluesticks, and a bunch of other nicknacks.

During the course of shopping, I decided to photograph some things you couldn’t find in your typical Costco in Main Street, USA. So here they are! Can you identify them?






No prizes for guessing correctly what they are! Does your neighborhood Costco stock these products or brands? Apologies for the photography!

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