Needing PR? A quick program to gain 100 links…!

In the next week or so, I’m going to be exploring some ways to gain a quick burst in linking activity, hopefully to gain a bit of an increase in PR ranking (whenever that may happen).

I’ll be writing over 7 articles on ideas for linking that need not be difficult or require a lot of time, but which should result in some good PR links to your blog.

1. Reviews

2. Link Competitions

3. Articles

4. Free offers in return for links?

5. Link trains

What other ways have you found to increase links to your site? I’ve tried some directories but I don’t figure on much PR or traffic from them. I myself never use directories anymore. There seems little point when you are looking for information, not necessarily a specific site.

Comment your ideas, and I’ll add them to the list above, BEFORE Monday 10th September.

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