My New Wallet: Bigger, Longer and Fatter

Well, folks. I decided to get a new wallet! I outgrew my original wallet. I was quite delighted when I found this wallet in Carrefour! It was only NT$248.

multi-function wallet

It has lots of pockets on the right hand side, each of which can take several cards. There’s a small pocket for change, too; though I use it for my SD cards. I’ve added my Cruzer on the keychain in the center. There’s also a slot for a pen in the middle. On the left hand side, there are two long pockets for notes, and other things. Originally, this wallet was designed for traveller’s to put things in like passports and traveler’s checks (hence the generous pockets), but I’m finding it quite useful!

Of course, you are thinking why did I change? Well, during the previous weekend, I did a really dumb thing: I threw away all of my bank books for my business! Now that was really dumb. After that I decided that ALL of my financial affairs needed sorting out, things were just getting too messy. While I don’t carry bank books in this wallet, I do think it would be big enough, should I do so.

Having a sensible wallet is really essential these days; and sometimes those sleek little leather ones just don’t cut it any more! What are you using? Show us a picture in your blog!

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