My Blog: Tweaked and Prodded…!

Sometimes tweaking and prodding a blog with add-ons and plugins and javascripts and so on can really slow down the blog loads for readers.

Typical Add-ons

    1. Alexa box
    2. Google Ads
    3. Directory Images/Code
    4. Community Plugins like mybloglog
    5. Technorati Javascripts for displaying stats…
    6. Images and stuff from other website like YouTube.
    7. banners for ad rotations

So it’s important for your blog to limit the number of add-ons you can, utilize your server for as much as possible so that you don’t have to load stuff from other places, this all can slow down your blog.

I noticed my pages loading much more slowly than before, so I checked the features that I had added. I decided to drop as many as possible to speed up pages, especially since some of the features were quite redundant really.

    Out went Technorati scripts. There is no need for them really, in the short term. The feeds are logged anyway, as I’m a member, and I don’t think many members really go to Technorati from my blog anyway.
    I don’t have any Google ads right now anyway, so that’s okay. But the Alexa box is necessary. Unfortunately, it is quite often slow to load on my page, and I can’t cache it. Still it helps to keep the stats on Alexa rankings uptodate, so I need that.
    I had a referral image from that slowed down my blog, but wouldn’t allow itself to be cached as it was a script! Goodbye!

Those are the items that went out with my garbage. See if the site loads faster for you now!

So make sure that your website doesn’t have too many items stored on other servers! It can make a difference!