Movies: Making your own adds a special flavor to your blog!

Making videos is a great way to add unique content to your blog, whatever your field is. There is always a way to make a video that you own the copyright to, and that you created, filmed, edited and published yourself!

As I found out yesterday, movies are also a great way to draw feed traffic to your blog, as currently movies can’t really be show in the feeds of your blog.

So, I’d like to show off today’s humble video: made with a PC, MovieMaker 2, a shot of video from a Kodak Easyshare Camera (24fps, not 30!), and editing with several tools I found.

Enjoy this movie. I did! Please note, these wonderful kids have only been learning English for 3-6 months for 4 hours a week! @o what they did here is amazing!

With a good source, even humble equipment, you too can make video good enough for YouTube.

Go on, and try!

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