Monday Reading: to go deep or wide? What is the path to ‘blogging’ success?

These days in the world of blogging there seem to be two schools of thought on how to make money. The first proposes building a huge ‘flagship’ website. The second suggests buidling lots of mini-sites. DoshDosh examines this and pronounces his opinion: but still Alexandru makes a good argument forMaking Money With Mini Sites, Step By Step – Day 1: in which he writes:

Making money with mini sites is a way of earning your income online, but I’ll say it from the beginning, it shouldn’t be your only source of income. They rely solely on search engine traffic most of the time, and the algorithms can change at any time. I wouldn’t quit my day job yet if my income would be made only from search engine traffic. Still, they can be nice additions if you choose your niche right.

I don’t have enough personal experience of either to really be able to know the ‘truth’. BUT I do know that the answer is far from completely certain: a flagship requires a lot of commitment on an ongoing basis; while mini-sites require the ability to keep setting them up, itself quite a commitment.

I have tried to set up a flagship site with this blog, only to understand that my own lack of knowledge is what really hinders this site from becoming much more than it currently is. Don’t get me wrong… I’ve been quite successful by any standards… but there is a long way to go.

So I’m deciding to set up a few more websites to create a mini-network and utilize what other things I know to create websites.