Monday News: Winners, Downloads, Carnivals and my new project

It’s Monday, the first day of a new week, and lots of things are happening! So keep reading…

And my favorite post in the last few weeks:

In Competition News

We’ve had two competitions recently: one of which was a rip-roaring success with lots of submissions, and one of which wasn’t.

The winner of the “Guess the Floor” height was in fact Michael Turton who won that week’s prize: a free blog review. It was interesting to read his blog, and interesting to write the review. I did receive some follow up on my comments about Blogger vs. WP. Seems Michael is getting ready to move to WordPress soon. Looking forward to that.

The other competition only generated one response: of course, it was correct. Skeet’s blog is well known as a blog, and has a great design. In fact, I buzzed her blog last year ! So, she’ll shortly be winning a keyboard! Do drop me a line, Skeet, with your snail mail address!

The New Download

I’ve created a new download for my favorite feeds, I’ve called it my Top Ten Twelve (ed. plus five more!), but then I realized that I’ve omitted some great feeds, so I will be revising it shortly. Can you guess who’s in the feeds currently? I wonder who is missing! If you can’t stand the wait, just download it NOW!

New Blog Carnival

I have launched a new carnival for the website coming shortly, it’s called “dot com carnival“. Do check it out and submit any good articles! Submissions policy is on the linked page. We’re definitely taking submissions NOW!

Making REAL Money Carnival

There’s the 13th edition of this carnival available now, with some good stuff, do take the time to read it over!

My New Project

Having been asked to help consult on a blogging project, I’ll be revealing soon what I’m working on. It’s quite interesting but it’s going to be a lot of work to bring the project upto speed for my client! Still, we’ve made a good start with the install, plugins and base theme. We’ve just down the first post or two. I’ll let it mature a little before I say more here.