Mobile Phone + Internet + Organizer = InvestorBlogger?

Since developing my blogs, journal, and other websites, recently I have been finding out how dependent I am on computers (both desktop and mobile) to keep me connected to the Internet. Now I do have good ADSL connections at home and work, but there are times when I want to run away from the environment, and do some work. Yes, mobile pcs do cut some of the links, but sometimes, just sometimes, I need something smaller.

Given the price of a Dopod, the delay in getting an iPhone, and the poor connectivity via WAP, I was unsure if I could really need an expensive phone on poor connectivity. With WiFly and local WiMax becoming a reality, though, phones are becoming more flexible in HOW they connect, I am starting to look around for a small phone with multi-function capability.

I checked around the pages at Wirefly to see what cell phones were available that could meet the demands of an on-the-go investor+blogger. These two phones were what I found. You can click for more information.

BlackBerry Pearl w/ myFaves

The BlackBerry Pearl is certainly high on my list for its net connectivity, emailing, and browsing. In addition, it allows people to use it in many regions of the world, not just the typical tri-band regions of old.

Wirefly also offers the Nokia E62 which performs similarly to the Blackberry but has a

number of different features, including the most obvious keyboard design. For someone on the go, the attachment viewing features for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, (with limited Editor and Zip support) would be invaluable, when combined with the Qwerty Keyboard. That would win hands down over the Blackberry.

These two phones are quite different but would make a good complement to the blogger on the go! Wirefly can provide additional cell phone plans for each of the major carriers in the U.S., so just enter your zip code to see what plans are available in your area. Now if only someone would buy me one for Chinese New Year! PLEASE!

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