May Income on InvestorBlogger Dot Com

This month has been pretty quiet on InvestorBlogger Dot Com, though we managed to notch up another better than average month. I’m facing one really big challenge right to creating additional revenue: a sheer lack of time. I have about 10~12 hours a week that I spend on this blog, but I’m beginning to see HOW much I have to do to make this blog better, and the time that I spend just isn’t my quality time at the moment.

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May’s Income’s broken down for you in the paragraph following this. As you can see, some categories are missing from last month as they are $0! That includes hosting, business and consulting categories. The income from my online activities fluctuates a great deal from month to month. The fluctuations seem to occur largely in the categories, but I’m now consistently earning about $500 per month longterm.

* Bank Interest: $28.00
* Dividend Income: $88.19
* Blogging: $163.50
* Advertising: $166.00
* Affiliate = $1.81
* Total = $447.50

*there are a few other residual sources but they generally don’t generate much, like Voxant, NetAudioAds, etc. that generate only a few cents a month. In addition, some sources that generate a lot one month, but nothing the next are not included.

There are three major obstacles I’m facing right now to building my income: time, knowledge, and experience. Unfortunately, the root cause of my failure to learn more is that I simply lack the time and energy to build much more than I currently have.

A good example is the hosting: I’ve a few clients that I’ve managed to keep over several years, but I’m just not finding the time to go out and market my service any more than I am right now. Affiliate income suffers just as much for the same reason. I’m even noticing how this blog is suffering from a lack of time that I have to put into it! I know more needs to be done, but after a full day’s work running my own business, it’s difficult to summon the energy to blog extensively AND run the online side of things.

I have three or four other blogs that are just languishing at the moment as well. Each of them could be a viable blog if I was able to muster the time and resources to manage them. It’s quite clear that the model I have been pursuing the last few years is now reaching its limits; and I must seek to find new ways to manage these affairs.

I’ve been looking for a solution to manage my numerous blogs all through one interface: including full domains and subdomains as well through one installation of WordPress. I wonder if anyone knows if WordPressMU can handle this. For example, this list of blogs is…


etc.. Could I manage all of these plus four others THROUGH one installation? I have nearly 2000 posts and options and files for dozens more that I could put up, but I would like to reorganize the entire database of posts, switching posts from one blog to another, until things are better organized. I’ve looked at three options: WPMU (too complex for me to figure out!), B2Evolution (unknown if it can work on different domains), Moveable Type (same problem) and Lyceum (same issue…)… I think one of these should do it, but I’ve been unlucky so far.

I’m also coming to the opinion that blogging like this on a daily basis isn’t the best way to make money online, even if one enjoys blogging (and I very much do!). So I’m now looking to monetize my stats in a different fashion… Suggestions?