May 2007: Consistent and Improving…

I already posted my May stats and they are substantially correct as of June 1st, with one notable exception: I finally crossed the 100K Technorati ranking! For that, I’d like to thank especially the supporters of my various competitions and activities! I’m looking forward to running even more!

Anyway May income results are in:

Payperpost: $119.50
Google : $5.44
SR/ReviewME/Other : $7.00
Adlinks : $266.95
Stocks: $74.21
Hosting : $0.00
Bank A/C Interest : $19.31
Total: $492.91

So although the overall amounts are broadly similar to last month’s, there are significant differences. Payperpost was down quite a lot since last month; I’m beginning to see an end to Payperpost blogging due to recent changes within the network, at least for me. There are too many bloggers now chasing too few opportunities, despite my blogging being highly rated, my time zone places me at quite a disadvantage!

Link sales have been good this month, as I offered for sale three links and generated additional revenue from TLA. Also, my reorganization of the bank accounts is now generating even more per month, though I reckon that I can still increase it another 25%. Dividends are still coming at a good pace, and my account is still 14% cash at the moment anyway. I’m also sitting on about $2,000 cash, but I’m undecided on how to create additional revenue each month with this cash.

I’ve been an income investor/entrepreneur for quite some time, so some of my sources of income go back quite a few years. Overall, though, I’ve earned over $4,037 in cash (less taxes, of course) since I began recording this September 1st, 2006. While the amount is nowhere near my goal of $1500 per month, I’m regularly bringing in approx. 1/3 of that now. So, to achieve that within nine months is pretty spectacular.

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