Blog Your Way to $$$

You should try Payperpost as a way to raise money for your blogging expenses! It costs a lot of money to blog, why not find a useful way to earn a little more through actually writing! It’s got to be a more fun way to make money than the daily grind!

Well, I’m trying this website as a way to generate some revenue. I don’t think I’ll earn much money in the long term from this, but a $100 would go a long way to help pay for my other Internet related ventures, Pleiades Journal of TYLE. That website and publication costs quite a bit to fund, and I’m stretched a little thin these days… So… I will let you know how it goes with this. And I’m creating a new section on money making opportunities online. I’ll be giving feedback from them time to time to let you know which are real time wasters and which are not. Please do visit my ‘other’ blog above and check out the link.