M$ acquires YHOO? Now that would be a boost for my stock!

10 Reasons Why Microsoft Will Aquire Yahoo In 2007

Microsoft sat back while Google showed everyone how to take a search engine from 2 kinds having fun to a top 20 American company. How did they do it? Well just look at their revenue numbers and you will see a massive percentage comes from the Adwords & Adsense products. Now Microsoft is trying to get into the online advertising game but can they hope to compete without acquiring Yahoo and their volume? I think Microsoft will make a move at Yahoo and its going to happen in 2007.

Well, now that would be an interesting choice for M$! I have kind of admired/hated M$ for quite some time, but I have noted that they do do strategic acquisitions from time to time.

Unfortunately, I sold YHOO just recently. I’d be miffed, though, on missing out on the opportunity to make some serious $dosh.

Strategically, I think the deal would make a lot more sense for M$ rather than YHOO. Why? It is M$ that needs a better search ranking for its products. It would certainly spell the end, in many ways, for YHOO as we know it right now. Many services that we use would be merged with their M$ counterpart, cut out, charged for, or just dumped altogether. It would provide M$ with a new core audience, but I doubt the brand name of Yahoo! would fare well, as its traffic would be subsumed under MSN.

For parallels, look what happened to the Netscape name/brand. Now it is hardly known at all, remaining just a historical footnote in Wikipedia, after its acquisition by AOL.com. Compuserve and Prodigy also went away in similar manners. So… while a M$ acquisition of YHOO would be good for shareholders in the short term, it would not be good for the millions of users of YHOO, like myself.

Ambivalent about this at best.

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