Lumix, Models and My first photographs…

Having purchased a new camera, I was honored to take pictures of my first model… At least, he sat still during the session.


OK. Yes, it’s ‘Orange Bear’… OK. It’s difficult to find good models at 1:00am. But I would like to share my first photograph with my readership!

Orange Bear

On a more serious note, I’ve found a good review of the Lumix I bought. It says a lot of interesting things:

Plus points: Good wide angle lens, small form, don’t need to reset the time every time I change the battery (bad, Kokak, BAD!). Overall, its interface is much quicker to get to know than my previous cameras, and some of the quirks of the Kodak are gone: themes (who cares!), sound themes (why?), and it starts *very* fast and quietly.

I haven’t found any negative points yet, but I’m sure I will. No camera will be perfect.

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