Looking for hosting: getting the facts straight? FatCow Hosting isn’t, is it?

As many of you know, I was looking for servers and hosting… I’ve already found several deals and I’m searching to find out some good deals. I’m interested in spreading my sites around different companies to find out which company is good at service, reliable and stable.

Today, I came across a new hosting company with an intriguing introductory offer: take a look for yourself.


Do you see the words? I do: ONLY $66 PER YEAR… and it’s stated not once but twice on this page. Then clicking through to the next page shows the same offer, too.


Can you see it? It’s printed twice on this page, oh, what’s that asterisk?…


Ah! the fine print! The plan renews at $88 per year. Ok. So that’s a new one on me! Let’s see what the cart says.

first time

I’m now a bit confused… So I contacted their LiveChat service twice and I got the same answer each time. In a chat that was recorded at 04:47, Harriet Anderson, one of the agents noted “Next year, your account will be renewed with the actual price $88.00 per year.” Another subsequent chat confirmed this.

To me, it doesn’t matter which price it is this year or next year, it’s just that if this isn’t $66.00 then why should the fee be advertised as PER YEAR? Should it? Unfortunately, I was considering using their service until I noted this problem. It would be fine if it was a mistake, but no one seems to have any clue how many times they are advertising their deal INCORRECTLY.

The words are $66 PER YEAR. Per year means each year, not $66 for the first year, and $88 for each subsequent year! I’ll write to the company with my complaint, but so far the clarification isn’t right. Either offer the deal OR amend the website? Which is it going to be?

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