Loans can empower your life: used wisely.

I don’t generally write about loans, but writing sponsored posts has encouraged me to think about the times in my life when I actually needed and used small personal loans. I could think of two or three times.

A life changing loan

Well, I haven’t borrowed much money in my life, but there was one incident where I borrowed money that actually helped me to change my life. After I graduated from University, I had not a clue about what I was going to do, and then one day the Language Center where I studied in St. Andrews offered a two-day introductory workshop for TEFL, which I now do. But I had no money. So I asked my father if he could help provide loans to me to cover the costs. He was glad to help. In fact, it was the only time in my life that I actually borrowed any money.

With that simple loan, I was able to fund my initial training, apply for courses, get subsequent qualifications, work in good schools, and even build a business! All from that little loan.

A life enhancing loan

Of course, parents are the only ones you can turn to for loans. I also managed to borrow a small personal loan while I was a student to cover the cost of a trip to France. Wow! That was a real loan that helped me to expand my horizons. I had never traveled abroad before, but that trip helped me to understand and experience a culture that I had only studied in textbooks! It really broadened my horizons. I went to my local bank, and managed to get a small secured loan.

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