Living in Taiwan: Photographs found on Flickr

I’ve lived in Zhuwei for nearly 8 years now, and I realized how few pictures I’ve taken of the streets around our area… Fortunately, for those who don’t live here, you can find lots of pictures of the area on Flickr.

flickr zhuwei

Just Flickr to this location and take a look at the snaps.

Zhuwei literally means ‘bamboo garden’ but I haven’t really seen many bamboo gardens in this area!

If you’re intending to visit Tamshui, check out both Wikipedia and Wikitravel entries for either. There aren’t any decent hotels in the area, so I’d suggest staying DOWNTOWN unless you like semi-decent accommodation! If you read Chinese in traditional characters, then there’s a fairly decent website introducing Tamsui.

Be warned if you come to Zhuwei, there are actually two Zhuwei’s – one in Taipei Hsien (ours) and one in Taoyuen nearer the airport. There’s not much to see in Zhuwei, but the views across the river towards Tamsui and Taipei are incredible on a good day.

So, enjoy.