Listen To InvestorBlogger: OdioGo creates an MP3/PodCast from a post!

I recently came across a neat technology. I had been looking for a way to broadcast in other than the written medium for a while. I’ve experimented with Video, but never Audio. Though I know many other bloggers do podcasts, I hadn’t plucked up the courage… But now, I might just!


OdioGo allows bloggers to create a podcast direct from a post. It is encoded into an MP3 using synthetic voice controls and AI to create a very passable and not unpleasing audio encoding of my blog.

The how is easy. To read the how, go to the OdioGo Blog, in fact it’s this entry and can be achieved in four steps! When it is installed, it looks like this … a small button that cleverly uses Ajax like techniques to display the PodCast and download the file in the background!

There’s also a podcast feed and webpage that you can try out!


I’m not sure if I should download the mp3s created in this way or not, so I can store them for later! Give it a try, registration is easy. It seems to be free, but no word on pricing yet for blogs or non-blogs! I wish they would come clean and let us know how much it is!