Life’s Little Luxuries or things you just gotta have…!

We all have our little luxuries, that cup of coffee, the more expensive newspaper, … So I thought I would share my own little list:

1. Coffee: I love coffee in many different forms – from Starbucks, from Costco, wherever there is the smell and flavor of good coffee. I don’t like those sweet or ice coffees much. I usually spend about $10-25 per week on coffee, but I tried to control it by making my own.
2. Cheesecake: I have been a fan of cheesecake for more than 10 years. In Taipei it used to be impossible to find, but now Cheesecake is easy to find, inexpensive, and increasingly good. I never make it, but when the cheesecake looks good, I’ll buy it in a restaurant at about $2-3 a piece.
3. I’ve collected quite a few board games over the years, including Monopoly, Scrabble, a small collection of other games, Chinese games, and, most recently, Settlers of Catan (pictured below).

Settlers Image

It was the most expensive this year at about $50, but I also bought Cashflow 101, too. That was very expensive, but I managed to use it to earn some money, so I guess it paid for itself.

Cashflow 101

4. I do buy books, too from time to time, but I never really read them all. I tend to skim most of the pages, reread sections, and sometimes chapters. Rarely, do I finish a book from page 1 to the end.

5. Our car has been a real luxury item for us, as we don’t use it for work or transport. It’s freaky how much we had to spend on it, but it makes our lives a lot more pleasant. We only use it twice a week, so regular fuel costs aren’t excessive. About $50 per month at the most.

I’m sure I have other expenses that I ‘enjoy’ but those seem the most recent and the most indulgent!