Layout, iThemes, and Myths: It’s all in Unison – Thanks

I was just using Stumble and discovered some wonderful links, so I’m going to post those of interest to bloggers.

Blog Layout and Design: What do people prefer?

blog design

There is a fun survey to do that helps to clarify your choices for blog design. Fill out the survey, then review the results…. There are some surprises.

Duplicates, Copies and Frustration


If you are like me, you have copies of your files EVERYWHERE… In our network office, we’d like to back up data to one reserve: The problem is that we often forget and stupidly use the data in the reserve location… We think we need a tool like Unison. I predict we’ll be trying it out soon, as copy and paste are quite limited when it comes to file management.

An Apple Theme for your WordPress


I found an Apple Style theme for WordPress… if you really want your blog to look an Apple Desktop, it’s even got a dock bar at the bottom! Neat. But potentially very samey… You’d definitely need to prettify it.

10 Big Myths about copyright explained

This article clarifies some common misconceptions about copyright… it was written for a different Internet time (1994), but the general principles still hold true in the age of myspace, youtube and wordpress.

There’s a bunch more wacky stuff out there… if you discovered something via StumbleUpon, add it here with the usual HTML in the comments! I’ll be happy to visit it!

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