June 2007 Results: Less time, less rewards!

Well, it’s time for June results, and they’re printed below:

Payperpost: $91.10
Google : $7.00
SR/ReviewME/Other : $37.05
Adlinks : $38.39
Stocks: $72.69
Hosting : $107.40
Bank A/C Interest : $20.09
Total: $373.72

Since May, there has been further softening of the PPP market for me. I’ve been reducing the number of posts that I take from them since January’s high, but this month I’ve had less time to spend logged into PPP, and less opportunity to find the better paying ones. Results are printed in black & white.

Bright spots are that I’ve had two opportunities in Sponsored Reviews, but their system isn’t effective for getting work done. Other bright spots include an increased revenue from Adsense and Adlinks. I was also lucky to receive a payment for a hosting package from one of my regular clients.

So that’s it. No breakthrough there. Visitor stats are also somewhat lower than May by approx. 18%. This month’s down has likely been caused by my spending much more time promoting my offline business. It’s allowed me to post some great postings on marketing and promoting, as well as images and video tools. Though visitors are down, I’m still posting 2 or 3 a day on average. I’ve been trying to post something of quality, rather than just for the sake of posting. In fact, four of my ten longest posts were in June. In June I posted 72 posts, while in May, it was nearer a 100. April’s total was similar to June’s.

Still my preoccupation has had an effect. Let’s see what I can do in July! Now how did your June go?

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