Is SideWiki a good thing? InvestorBlogger thinks not…

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As a longtime webmaster, I think that the new Google sidewiki feature could be seriously abused.

I reserve the right to control who sees/says what when they visit my site(s)… as such I just don’t know why Google hasn’t implemented an opt-out/opt-in feature….

This is decidedly high handed IMHO, esp. as there is NO way to control or edit the content. PLEASE restore the rights of your webmasters otherwise your Google Toolbar users will face a degraded experience when visiting other sites.

Having seen the quality and stupidity of many comments on YouTube, I wouldn’t want to have any of that associated with my sites. In the end, the only one who gets tarred is Google for creating a system that could be so seriously abused as this. It’s dumb.

And Google says: "…" Still waiting!

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