InvestorBlogger: Monetization Monday

It’s Monday, it’s a new week, and I’m a member of a new affiliate network. You’ll be seeing the advertisements placed between posts on the main page. Why?


Well, first off, Adsense is just not performing well in those positions. I knew that for some time, but I need to break up the text of the blog with visual images. To deter advertisers from buying cheap impressions on my blog, I’ve enabled images as well. I’m hoping that it’s new position at the top of the blog will help. There will be two more ads (one images, one textual) on individual posts pages, still. But I’m not hopeful of making much money from any of these blocks.

ttz media

So I replaced the ads between posts with TTZ Media (Yes, that’s John Chow’s media company)… I’ve not tweaked them properly yet, but the placement has allowed me to have a longer front page with more posts. The ads look quite good, though I may need to work on achieving the most appropriate products for my own readers. Additionally, I’m able to put them on the front page between posts (which I have extended from 3 to 10 posts) after being unhappy with the limitations imposed by Google’s Adsense. I think 3 is way too few, but ten may be too many.

I’ll be giving results at the end of the month. Let’s see what happens.