Interesting Reading? I hope so!

Some interesting reading from postings I had intended to write about but they ended up as stubs in my drafts folder! So I thought I must have liked them, so here they are lumped together!

Internet Duct Tape presents an overview for the month of May. Worth reading. You can find it at Engtech – internet duct tape, including the decision to break up with Technorati.

In Yield Of Dreams! | Dividend Money, you can read about how to find ever-increasing dividends that provide income, and perhaps even capital growth!

I still don’t know what a Money merge account is… Anyone care to explain!?

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity explores and writes about his Neighbors Selling Their Homes and examines how much a house is worth. While Free Money Finance writes about how “there are Almost 1 Million Accidental Millionaires in the US.” Really? Can I be one? Wonder if they all used Money Merge Accounts?

Lastly, Jane May wonders why people drop out of blogging. I haven’t dropped out yet, and I’ve been blogging fairly consistently since September 1st, 2006… Can I keep it up? Well, you’ll have to subscribe to my feed or drop back to find out!