Infographics: Powerful to Use, but Consider Your Audience

Infographics are a powerful way to get your message across, and they are being increasingly use to do so in contexts where quick & effective communication is essential: social websites, presentations, and other more fleeting media environments.

However, to be effective a number of factors need to be taken into account: including size of the graphic, the speed of your server, the design of the graphic itself, and finally the amount/depth/range of information that has to be conveyed in the individual graphic.

The graphic below fits most of the criteria: except one. Can you guess what is wrong? I’d suggest trimming the length of this monumental piece of infographic overload (1.2mb and 7600 pixels in length!). This will not play well for most purposes, including sharing on social media, displaying on your phone or even reading on your PC.

Clearly the persons creating this graphic have abilities and are showing off what they can do, however from a user’s point of view, it fails because it doesn’t motivate or make it easy for you to get to the end. I’d strongly suggest trimming the size, the length, the excessive verbiage, in order to make a much stronger IMPACT.

What do you like about this infographic? What do you think would be improved? If you’re interested, why not check out the sponsor of this graphic.

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