IDrive-E: Sounds like a good IDEA

Ever lost a hard disk with your precious data on it? I have several times. The first time was the most serious, the second or third times, I lost recent stuff only. But still having a disk go down means your files, pictures, data, addresses, favorites, music, etc.. all go with it! Frustrating.
IDrive-E is offering a service with lots of online backup features and enough space to save most of your work files, or important stuff, for FREE! With a small monthly payment of $4.95 you can get unlimited space for your backups. A year’s payment would certainly be cheaper than purchasing a new hard-drive, but there is an important additional security aspect: your data would be protected in an off-site location. If your house or work pc was stolen or damaged, as happened to a friend of mine, no problems, you’d still have your back up data set online.

In addition, you can make the space appear as a virtual drive with Windows Explorer. In other words, it would appear just like an ordinary drive, making data access easy, quick and convenient. When it comes time to restore your file(s), you can access any of the backup set versions that are stored, so you can make sure you have the right version.

For investorbloggers, backing up your data on a regular basis is a hassle, but a necessary one for the most part. The whole process can be automated, saving you time to focus on your business.

This post has been backed by IDrive-E.