Ideas on submitting your blog to Blog Directories – does it really work?

Rose DesRochers (Where to submit your blog | Rose DesRochers), amongst many other bloggers, explicitly recommends bloggers to submit their blogs to Blog Directories. So I decided to verify whether this was important in gaining a wider audience.

My conclusion after searching for a few of my favorite bloggers on several of the blog directories at the top of the list is: submitting your blog to these is largely a waste of time, and unimportant on how popular your blog really is. I searched for three prominent bloggers in several of the directories on her list. Couldn’t find any listing for any of them.
However, there are two that I would suggest you include: Yahoo! Blog Directory and Technorati, but neither of these is particularly a good blog directory. Their value lies in the other tools their websites provide.

After that, don’t bother much. Focus on writing stronger articles, make sure your articles are pinged properly, and craft your skill. Being listed may help out a little early on in attracting a few new visitors, but it is not critical to your success.

(ed. this post has been edited.)

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