– Simple and Popular Community Classifieds for the UK

Craigslist generated a lot of interest in how to run simple community classifieds. Yet the Internet is indeed a big place, so you’ll find that others are quick to follow, and exploit opportunities that Craigslist has failed to take. is a community classifieds service that is quite popular in the UK, offering a number of important categories, including housing, community, services, and, of interest to nearly all, jobs in Manchester. There are also Personals, Stuff for Sale, Forums, and what not for the Manchester area. There are a wide range of employers in the Manchester area, including The Co-op Group, Thomas Cook, Renovo, Cussons, and Newspapers, to mention just a few of them.


With an Alexa ranking of 964 when I visited, and a ranking of 20 in the UK, really is one of the top websites in the UK at the moment. In fact, it ranked above and If you are looking for information about the UK local classified markets, either as an advertiser or as a browser, it’s a great place to start, and advertisements are likely to attract a fair amount of interest.

The one problem that I had with the website is that during the early evening, I was unable to get pages to load properly or quickly. I suspect that the site’s popularity may make browsing difficult at this time of today. I’ll update the findings tomorrow if the site is any quicker in the late night.

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