Great Buzz, Lots of Hype, and Buggy Registration Pages

Over the past few months, I’ve been increasing my interest in affiliate marketing as it becomes quite clear how much money can be made in this way. I’ve already had some success with Amazon’s program, and I’ve experimented with some of the other big name programs.

One of the problems is finding reputable names that are easy for visitors to your site to recognize. PepperJam Network has created something of a buzz in recent months across the Make Money sphere with its appearance

So what is PepperJam Network?

I’ll just steal their words for that answer!

… Pepperjam Network is a 3rd party solution that provides publishers and advertisers with affiliate tracking, reporting, and payment technology, among other things. Pepperjam Network represents the next generation of affiliate marketing by providing all of the basics above, as well as a user-friendly Web 2.0 interface, communication tools (i.e. Pepperjam Chat), an educational resource center (The Pepperjam Knowledge Vault), and full and unfettered affiliate transparency (the Pepperjam Transparency Meter).

Why it might work for WordPress Bloggers?

I was searching through their blog looking for insight when I came across another posting that caught my interest: PepperJam StoreBuilder is optimized for WordPress:

If you are a WordPress blogger and want to place products on your Web site using Pepperjam Store Builder™ all you have to do is build a store by logging-in to PJN HERE and selecting “Wordpress Optimized” before copying the code that you’ll ultimately place into your Web site.

That might be very useful, I thought. Not many bloggers have succeeded at turning their blog into an affiliate system that really works. In fact, WordPress isn’t optimized in that respect at all. But … that’s mostly because it’s designed to be a BLOG not a storefront.

What is a superaffiliate?

COO Mike Jones talks about where PepperJam is positioned and why you might want to consider joining.

On that basis, I’m preparing to give it a try. I’ve already signed up for the network. Let’s hope I can generate enough traffic to NOT get kicked off the network! See my targets are modest!

Now why won’t that page load? Here’s the one glitch with the system. Their registration page, once completed fails to load properly each time I tried. Now, Mike, just make sure the system works! Then perhaps everyone will be a little better off.

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