Google vs. You the User: Who’s working for whom?

Is it time to be rethinking our dependence on Google? It might be… Why? The American model of capitalism tends to create giant behemoths in many industries. While this obviously makes some things efficient, it also generates a huge backwash of effects that are less obvious.

For us in the online world, Google’s Page Rank ‘bomb’ has devalued many of the links and online relationships that we have all spent a lot of time and money developing. Should we be helping Google take money out of our pockets, just to put it in theirs? Because to me that’s exactly what it looks like:

Don’t buy or sell text links (Except ours).

Don’t mess with your SEO (Or we will).

… and exactly why should we conform to Google’s will? Are you willing to pay for my server? Are you willing to handle the queries from my visitors? Are you willing to generate my content? Or do you Google just want me to slave away at my keyboard for sweatshop payments from your Adsense program which pays cents per click when you are generating dollars per click. (Can you sense if I’m angry or not..? 😉 ) So let’s hear it here!

Let’s hear your thoughts in this discussion: What happened to your blog? And the PR? Do you care? Or not? Why?

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