BuzzFEST#8: Hunna’s Happenings

This promotion has been going on since October 1st! I challenged myself to find 30 blogs for 30 days! It looks like this BlogFest is drawing to a close. I haven’t been inundated with offers! Which is surprising really especially after Google’s PR dithering and dunking earlier this week. Many blogs of note have been reduced by one or two or more PR rankings.

Anyway, I’m now posting what could be the last in the series of my Blogbuzzes, “Hunna’s Happenings “! Hunna was kind enough to host a PPP blog carnival ages ago, and she linked one of the carnivals to one of my posts! You’ll have to read the carnival to find out which one!


Anyway this is her blog and it’s very brightly colored with lots of purple! Now, I’m quite keen on purple! So the colors appeal to me. I was going to link to some categories or tags, but it seems there are none! So I had to go searching by hand: Sunset in Mexico, Where I Live, and she has a string of posts on dieting…! Though I’ve been quite unsuccessful on that score.

Good luck on your blog. We’ll be dropping by again soon!

If you’d like a blogbuzz, like Hunna’s Happenings, then hop on over to Buzz your BlogFest, read the instructions, and sign up today. There are only 22 buzzes to go, and 5 days! So hurry! I wonder if we can make 22 buzzes in 5 days! … Somehow, I don’t think so! But it’s been fun!