Getting Started: Why is Web 2.0 different?

For those of you who are using a CMS/Blog for the first time, there are three significant differences from web 1.0 style websites (with static content) that you will notice:
1. a blog/CMS is a kind of evolving website, not static.

Content is added, commented on, edited and categorized. There are endless ways that a blog can be easily customized through themes, plugins, features, categories, and tweaks.
2. a blog/CMS has a hugely social dimension.

The commenting, pings, trackbacks, etc. are features that are central to the social sphere. The discussion is ongoing and can take place onsite, and offsite in, Technorati or another of dozens of social websites.

3. separation of content and design.
The last and critical aspect that makes a blog/CMS owner happy is that the content and the design are largely separated, so you can work on one without worrying too much about the other: they take care of themselves.

These features and ease of use separate a blog/CMS from a traditional static website in a number of ways, but with the tools available, you’ll find it easy to create a much more unique environment for your readers, and you can drive a lot more traffic to your site. In other words, you get visitors!